Keys to Consciousness

Zen Benefiel
5 min readJan 15, 2023

Symbolically Speaking

It is quite revealing that a cross-section of our DNA helix viewed in black and white (light pulsing on and off) looks quite similar to the yin/yang symbol.

Could this be a sign placed for our recognition, similar to the primer in the movie ‘Contact’? The yin/yang resembles the on/off top-down view of a DNA helix.

We have the key to creating a union between homo and sapiens, right here on Earth. Could another similar sign, the ‘666,’ denote a scientific union… the number of man… carbon? We have all condensed into physical form to be here now, as consciousness in a body.

Yet today in many metaphysical gatherings, the ‘Ascension’ is probably the most present notion of the new millennium and the projected result of the alignment with the Galactic Center in 2012.

What does that mean?

To them [2012ers] we rise out of 3rd dimensional reality — duality of war and peace and experience a new world order of harmony among people and planet. Perhaps that is possible?

There is a transition from 3D to 4D or 5D, but the picture gets hazy there. No concrete description is offered and many believe there will even be two Earths; one that remains for those not willing to ‘ascend’ and one that is now inhabited by those who have ascended. Did I mention this before? Google: Multi-Plane Awareness.

Do you see a bit of the dualistic framework remaining in that scenario? How would the view from ONE appear?

Perceptively, our heart beat shifts for a poignant realization as we drop anchor in consciousness, a noticeably stronger pulse that attracts our attention for a moment. Is it possible that an imminent burst of energy from Source or some kind of cosmic ray gun will wipe the heart-drive of incongruent belief systems? Again, one can hope.

Our movement through space into the Photon Belt precipitates a subtle rise in vibration, evidenced by a rise in the cycles per second pulse of our planet, an increase of a nearly imperceptible degree in human experience. Or are we being duped?



Zen Benefiel

Vulnerable and radically curious toward harmony among people and planet. Co-Executive Director of Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement and Foundation.