One World in a New World

Zen Benefiel
2 min readJul 14, 2022

with Dr. Ervin Laszlo

2x Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Author on Higher Self & Quantum Consciousness, Systems Theorist

This apocalyptic chat will dive into one of the world’s greatest minds, offering insight and understanding of a new world emerging in the consciousness of humanity. Rarely does this opportunity present itself as an interactive inquiry into the Higher Self and quantum consciousness.

Dr. Ervin László is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, originally a classical pianist. He is an advocate of the theory of quantum consciousness. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

Dr. Laszlo offers that being a concert pianist was an experience of playing music that allowed him to move past the everyday consciousness as well as for others. It is a very dynamic and specific kind of experience, jointly moving past the everyday consciousness into some other realm.

He states he has never accepted that we are just quantum particles moving around, that our brain is just a machine generating responses to stimuli. Many scientists, he states, such as Einstein, suggest that matter doesn’t exist in the universe.

Dr. Laszlo further explores the nature of man, of mind, of consciousness and how it works in harmony with the Higher Self, that which is in touch and perhaps even embodying that greater knowing of self, of others and of the world today. His comments are exquisite.

Zen inquires of the potential correlations of various models of consciousness and quantum theories and the aspect of understanding the Higher Self’s activity. The references are dynamic and potentially enlightening as well.

Where are we headed? What is our collective or individual purpose on Earth, let alone in the cosmos of consciousness? Our continued conversation will take you into the depths and exploration of what Zen calls the GOD Participle… BEing.



Zen Benefiel

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