One World in a New World

Zen Benefiel
2 min readJul 14, 2022

with Alex Moses

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Founder of Life of Love

Alex began his entrepreneurial life as a teen on the streets of Italy, a refugee from Ukraine. He started washing windows to make money and his solo actions attracted another, then another and within a month he had 30 people working for him.

Zen often points toward attention, intention and interaction being the core features of creating the life you want. This is a perfect example. When queried on the inner reflections he was having at the time he says he just ‘loved it’ along with the community of people that emerged because of it. Can you say that about your business and community around it?

One thing he did notice was the sense of humility it brought; a seventeen year-old supporting those much older, along with their families. What can we learn from this?

Alex notes that our learning process occurs mostly from the mistakes or poor choices we make. Success doesn’t often teach us much, it’s the process that does, the ‘journey’ as it is known. How do we capitalize on that process? Can there be simple precepts that make the complexity less complicated? How do we simply?

Alex unpacks the genius of a pioneer from early last century that you’ll enjoy. You might even learn something about how the complexity can be made simple in order to find success. One simple thing: Do something others aren’t willing to do. How do we address the fears?

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. How do we find the safety in moving through the fears? Carnegie and Ziglar were both early proponents of helping others and build empires on its value.

Doubt kills more dreams than failures ever will.

How do we bring ‘love’ back into conversations that matter in a pleasant disruption? In Alex’s world, he sees love as the absence of fear, to the ability to move in any direction is easy in love. Choosing…



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