One World in a New World

Zen Benefiel
2 min readJul 14, 2022

with Stephen Karbaron — Consultant, Speaker, Visionary

Stephen’s life was filled with serendipitous synchronicities, from his early Cub Scout days to being sponsored by Ray Ban for a 13-city tour in Russia as DJ, to personal development events featuring Anthony Robbins to developing a conscious leadership development organization in Spain and working with Conscious Enterprise Network.

You’ll enjoy the dive into the realms of his experience. In an initial tasty tidbit, he notes that in every leadership role he’s had that he just wanted people to have fun around him. He spoke of government grants that were available when he was in college for creating fun events. It led to the awareness of peace including being happy and having fun.

How does that happen in business and society? Listen to how Stephen shares his wisdom, including mentioning the ‘First Follower’ video from Simon Sinek.

Both married Russian women, experiencing and learning a much different story than Western-themed history. His story about his experience in Russia is worth exploring for insight and understanding while having what he calls a very ‘surreal’ experience.

Zen asks if there were any conversations that were highly impactful to both him and others. He talks about his beginnings in the Rave scene in England in the 1990s. His illustration is quite interesting, as well as unexpected, including mind-altering drugs and a football team’s involvement.

“Peace is really what we all want,” Stephen says, and continues to offer references to many types of experiences and situations where both people and government at the time were in a state of agreement. Imagine that today. He goes on to say, “you can’t blame everyone else and be responsible for your life and whatever is going on in it.” It’s a paradox that just isn’t possible.

What kinds of questions did he ask of himself and of life that led him toward greater understanding and peace. He shares a series of questions and…



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