One World in a New World

Zen Benefiel
2 min readSep 9, 2022

with Brian Kelly — Featured Author, Team Development Consultant

An apocalyptic chat that will offer many points to ponder. We start off with exploring Brian’s opening debut in his coaching certification program. He found vulnerability didn’t mean weak, which is the understanding he had held. Listen in to how he progressed as it may be familiar.

How do we get out of our minds and into a greater sensory capacity beyond it. We both found that the process is often very similar in any type of program, it’s the individual experience and expression that varies in discovering the blocks or bottlenecks to our flow.

What are the generational challenges across personal growth and development, inclusive of emotional intelligence? Being congruent with having an inner compass and willingness to be different allows a greater expression of the individual outside the less than productive educational structures we’ve had.

What if we taught our children/students to teach each other? Zen mentions that statistically, 40% of material is retained through passive learning while 98% is retained by teaching it. We still have teachers delivering instead of students learning and teaching each other.

We return to the notion of vulnerability and the anxiety-ridden considerations of being true to oneself, sharing from an authentic place and not caring what others think about it. Our conversation moves into some interesting directions.

These factors all impact the ability of an organizational leadership and staff to embrace a growing self-awareness/group-awareness. Question begin with, “What’s getting in the way?” Many factors are considered, from the gross to the finer.

The aspects of consideration include organizational structure to emotional intelligence to psychological safety and intellectual humility to being aware of subtle energy. From best practices in business to a kind of quantum physics aspect of the ‘Clair-alls’ or what used to be called ‘psychic senses.’

Zen Benefiel

Vulnerable and radically curious toward harmony among people and planet. Co-Executive Director of Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement and Foundation.