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Zen Benefiel
3 min readMay 28

An Apocalyptic Chat with host, Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, Transformational Coach (

Karen’s jovial demeanor certainly adds to the sharing of her journey from Guyana to the U.S. Cultures are different and yet she responds similarly to many guests in the knowing and yet not knowing how. She recognized over time that her sensitivity was different than most, yet everyone has the ability to recognize subtle impressions.

Her early inquiry began with the curiosity of what others were thinking. How do we deal with the varies voices we hear from time to time? Karen shares that at times the voices are in other languages and at times her inner sight revealed other life forms, too.

Throughout this conversational exploration, she shares several instances where she paid and attention to the ‘inner voice’ and others where she did not. Listen in for your own insight. Her stories are perhaps typical and yet not. Moments of authentic and raw reflections will warm your heart.

When queried about her learning of the functionality of her awareness and sensitivity she shares her internal process of learning to let go of the outcome, whether she heeded the voice or not. Karen reflects and reviews, apocalytically, how the advice from within was there, subtly, always. What situations have you found where ‘something’ offered a message so clear and so quietly?

Karen shares her grandmother gave her wise advice when she was younger; don’t be attached to anything. She found that this unattachment actually emerges from unconditional love. She feels we are lucky to be here and the importance of enjoying each moment with love and compassion allows freedom to experience more in life.

Insights are sharred from a recent Friendship Bench, sponsored by BizCatalyst360, regarding the process of transformation being slow, like a snake shedding its skin slowly, or like a lobster that is quicker in changing…

Zen Benefiel

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