One World in a New World with Kim Sorrelle — Author, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Zen Benefiel
2 min readMay 19

Kim’s story is profound in her discoveries and passionate sharing as ‘life-changing and world rocking’ opportunities. She begins by acknowledging we usually think that because we think a certain way, everyone else does, too. She says its the same for feeling like you are connected and a part of everything. She found out precognitive dreams weren’t the norm, or at least no one was talking about them.

What kinds of things have you noticed that your innocent or even naïve thoughts about the possibility of something actually manifested in reality? Can you remember the process?

At 47, she lost her husband and had to recreate her life. Acknowledging the void in her heart and life, she turned it into a year-long quest to define what ‘love’ is. Her sojourn began as a belief system, yet almost immediately transformed into an experience system as she discovered what love is. She wrote a book about her journey, aptly titled, LOVE IS.

How do we share the experience of transformation and the knowledge we garner with others so that they, too, might have greater joy and happiness in their lives? Kim shares her insights about having more control over our lives than we realize. How might they benefit you?

Further in the conversation, Kim responds to Zen’s comment about being inundated by consumerist propaganda; acknowledge we don’t really think about where things come from, what resources are used, how they are made, who makes them and where, what kinds of conditions do they work in and actually change our buying habits.

Questioned how we might create a better future or introduce a new living awareness to the world, Kim gives a nice plug for Live and Let Live as she shares her passion for how people can create movements that change our course. She shares her perspective about how men and women can learn about each other through starting with a foundation of faith, love and trust in each other.

Zen Benefiel

Vulnerable and radically curious toward harmony among people and planet. Co-Executive Director of Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement and Foundation.