One World in a New World with Limor Bergman — Mentor, Executive Coach

Zen Benefiel
2 min readMay 28

Limor is a woman in leadership in the tech industry, with a strong background in diversity and inclusion in her field. She admits that she was a rather obedient girl growing up, just wanting to be accepted by others her age. She also speaks to the beginning of her quest to connect deeper with life in her mid-40s.

Questioning where she was at in her professional career, she shares her journey of discovery. You’ll find it heart-warming and perhaps similar to your own. Making a living just wasn’t good enough. She relates that ‘coincidentally’ she was approached to mentor engineering managers, which offered only experience with no pay at the time.

Mentorship took her to a new level, with feedback offering that she was really good at it. Eventually she made a career out of it, moving out of her Director of Engineering position. What would it be like to be a Director of Engineering in such a male-dominated field. You’ll find her journey so synchronistic, beyond her awareness at the time.

Given the skillset, passion and ability to perform, when faced with an open door of possibility, what would you do? Limor cites having a few good ears is certainly helpful. The emerging direction she shares offers a tremendous amount of insight. The discussion moves to the challenge of balancing the internal and external worlds. You’ll love it.

How do you combine or integrate your passions, skillset and purpose for life and work? Limor’s process and cohesion in her expression will take you through some wonderful twists and turns. The many steps to success offer trials, tribulations and much learning.

How is your experience in making decisions to impact your future? What are the feelings and thoughts the flow in the process? Are you able to acknowledge both in your journey? Is it rich in content or a little disconnected? How do you access flow? Listen in to how Limor discovered and recognized how to create it and embody it. It might work for you, too.

Zen Benefiel

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