One World in a New World with Michael Vukelic — Author, Mindset Master

Zen Benefiel
2 min readMar 10, 2023

This is truly an apocalyptic chat about our reality that’s jam-packed with deep understanding, full of shared-wisdom worthy of your attention.

Michael references a traumatic childhood that inspired him to ask questions about life, especially why some succeeded and others didn’t. Many years later, as an engineer in the aerospace industry, his work with metallurgy led him to some insightful realizations.

Michael recounts that he felt there was always something to learn, that there was always a special gift. He shares that in the early ego days, it was all about the money because he grew up poor. He relates a heart-wrenching story no parent wants to face.

He relates he’d had enough of being ‘controlled’ by a company, job and unfulfilling work, even though it paid well and had great benefits. Our exchange about change, being inspired from within is very insightful for navigating life and realizing your dreams.

Then we launch into the deep stuff, chatting creating new neuropathways to divine intelligence. The stream of consciousness that ensues between us is replete with ancient awareness, that in order to ascend from circumstances, the pain of suffering initiates a quest for freedom. Michael’s explanation of how he took choice to the new levels might reflect your own views.

The two of us continue sharing stories and understanding that incorporates some eloquent examples of how this awareness allowed each of us to live more connected and open to flow. Our conversation triggered one of his memories, a visitation from his mother in the middle of the day, a few days after his mother’s death. His experience was profound and you’ll enjoy his story.

How do you open to this kind of life? Michael admits, the key is in the listening (to the video). This is a great conversation for the seeker of change or realigning your life with more joy. Michael’s title of ‘Mindset Master’ becomes evident in our deepening of this conversation to…



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