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Zen Benefiel
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An Apocalyptic Chat with host, Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, Transformational Coach (

Seamus is a newcomer to exploring the realms of connectedness, rather rare in our guest book. His opening comments are insightful for viewers late in their careers who are beginning to wonder what’s next. How do we evolve with consciousness? Perhaps its a heads up for the others, too.

Seamus’ snapshot view of his shift in awareness is quite profound; becoming an enlightened executive, if you will. It’s refreshing to hear of the relevance of multidimensional perspectives in very practical terms. The interconnectedness of all things bubbles up from exploration in this apocalyptic chat.

A rise in management levels at Hewlett Packard held conflicting allegiances, Seamus admits, and speaks to a plethora of considerations and decisions that affect people, places and things. He found the leaders that were most engaged with the employees were the ones most engaged with themselves, in their own growth.

Seamus shares some key management strategies that reflect an awareness of connection that set up his further exploration into self-awareness after leaving the corporate world. His remarks about the transition are full of self-discoveries and insights worthy of exploration.

Seamus and Zen share some experience with Otto Scharmer’s (MIT) Theory U model and the activity of co-presencing and transformation. It’s an intriguing segment you’ll find beneficial. What would a fully present group be able to prototype. What’s that? Listen in. It’ll be worth your investment.

Zen crafts a radically curious apocalyptic question that Seamus responds noting the technologies we have to measure, yet there’s also an internal measuring system he’s become aware of and the conversation deepens. Also a great moment to catch. Seamus brings his world-bridging awareness into practice throughout this apocalyptic chat.

You’ll enjoy the transition into a discussion about the body, brain, mind et al as a holistic system and how it might work if everything was hooked up appropriately. The spark in their conversation just might spill out. Thanks for showing up and giving us your precious time. Please do subscribe and share. We know people don’t like to write much about this kind of brain candy.

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