One World in a New World with Victoria Rader — Coach, Speaker, Int’l Best-Selling Author

Zen Benefiel
2 min readJun 2

Victoria’s accomplishments range from a Doctorate in Philosophy to authoring multiple books on empowerment. She had quite the shocking experience as a young child that impacted her quest for understanding and overcoming fear. The conversation takes many a twisted turn exploring resistance and flow.

Like Dr. Laszlo, Victoria speaks to the embodiment of the higher self and the ways in which we can nurture the process. Zen mentions the various layers of consciousness, dimensions and constructs of creation that are being discovered through bridging direct experience and quantum science. She mentions the aspect of starting from ‘not knowing,’ much the same as the ‘beginner’s mind’ concept.

What do you think is possible for humans today? Can we really create our own reality?

Seeking to describe the ineffable, the conversation explores various levels of consciousness and what is perceived to be present in each; ‘brain candy’ as Victoria describes it. She illustrates we are not just our body, that we are light condensed into these forms with the ability to choose. Similar views from others are discussed that you will find worth considering.

What kinds of information can we find across the web that edifies the advancement of our awareness and the understanding of how we do have the potential of discovering our perfected form, fit and function in the world?

Is this pursuit of awareness and understanding capable of moving us toward a new living awareness collectively? How can we play better together in hopes of achieving a sustainable cohabitation or even a thriving experience in the world? Victoria responds that we have the opportunity of responding from either a fear-based or fearless choice, and shares perspectives of each.

Continuing down the rabbit hole, Victoria shares that there really is no wrong way to approach the process of inquiry to understand how our DNA and advancing levels of…

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