People and Planet Over Profit

Zen Benefiel
5 min readMay 16, 2020

Luba and I were talking last evening, disturbed by the division we see amongst people, not just Americans, regarding the impact of the fear-port on TV about the virus, still. I encourage you not just to ‘like’ or ‘love’ this post…. share it if it touches your heart and mind. Thanks in advance.

We were watching Picard at the time, interrupted by commercials we muted, but by the imagery the purpose of instilling fear was obvious. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut unless I’ve done my research and am confident in my findings. The virus isn’t the enemy now, fear is. It always has been, actually.

Now how do we deal with that? How do we overcome fear? Even when we’ve found the fearless place in ourselves, how do we encourage, invite and inspire others to join us? Once there, it really is a safe place, free and clear of distractions that are usually just imaginings of things that could possibly go wrong yet never do.

It’s time for a soular evo-leap, an evolutionary leap as a revolution of conscience toward People and Planet over Profit.

What do I mean by that?

Each and every one of us has a soul that is connected to the ONE, whether we admit it or not. Prayer is a most powerful tool and evidence of it working is well-documented. Access to information and the capacity for discernment and distillation into an elixir of spiritual advancement for humanity is made possible by the Internet, some call this fractal version the Innernet.

We believe that the distractions of the fear porn is so tantalizing, so tempting, that it is the most easy avenue for people to take, sequestering themselves in their homes under ‘order’ of their so-called leadership. On the other hand, there is a leadership of conscience that is presenting an entirely different story based on research, study and historical information on ‘gold standards’ in science and indisputable facts of how populations are manipulated by false information being sensationalized.

These aren’t just my words. The proof is readily available for the eyes to see and ears to hear, if they aren’t blinded or deafened by fear. Two facts remain clear — life is precious and people make emotional choices based on fear. The former we all recognize while the latter is often shadowed by our…

Zen Benefiel

Vulnerable and radically curious toward harmony among people and planet. Co-Executive Director of Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement and Foundation.