Skill Sets for Success Pt. 1

Zen Benefiel
4 min readMay 15

Early Conundrums and Enigmas Transcended

Sense-making is responsive in meeting diverse challenges, so we make sense common. Coherent and cohesive teams reduce conflicts; fewer complaints, less disruption or downtime, less chance of angry staff, workers or costly litigation. A conversation crafter helps build coherent & cohesive teams to garner premium results; time savings and value-added benefits create financial gains for your alliance, project owner, contractor, subs and/or organization.

I’ve had some amazing opportunities to learn sense-making patterns and processes while raising a family, finishing a BS degree and serving our Church as an Elder. My first exposure and opportunity was in the aerospace industry in my mid-20s, managing a $7million/month production desk for commercial spares with over 800 items. I led a 35-member department in reaching the numbers, unknowingly, just because I treated people with dignity and respect.

I reached the top of others’ priority lists because I understood structure and systems, yet I applied interpersonal skills consistent with the golden rule. It just made sense to me, however, in a command and control environment there was a lot of aggression present in the general activity of others attempting to meet monthly numbers and OEM requirements for military and commercial aircraft. It did not make sense, and the corporate culture bereft of essentials for long-term results with individuals. The burnout and sour attitudes were nearly ubiquitous.

A couple of years later, after much depression and finding solace, I had the opportunity to produce and host a public access TV show sponsored by the Christown Lions Club with an all-volunteer crew trained by the local cable company. We called it One World, with the intention of peering into the lives of people and professions to uncover what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile toward reaching our dreams and goals. We produced 120+ shows with guests that spanned the gamut of personal and professional activity. I felt like I got a Ph.D. in interpersonal relationships as I learned to weave guests conversations into…

Zen Benefiel

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