Skill Sets for Success Pt. 2

Zen Benefiel
4 min readMay 22

Where Are We Going?

That’s a question many have opinions about, profess to know, and reside in false belief systems about contrivances of the human spirit and its capacity for unification. In answer to being asked if I was willing to die for what I believed in (cosmic consciousness), I’ve been led along an amazing path with excitement and excruciatingly fun opportunities. The ‘excruciating’ was without knowledge of patterns in evolution from observing and processing without attachments or expectations.

The latter evolved to anticipation and expectancy of empathic resonance and opportunities beyond my imagination, yet framed within my ‘mission’ and with an assimilated skill set that met the demands of insight and understanding the facilitation of harmony among people and planet, a true ‘new world order.’ That phrase probably sent a shiver up or down your spine, depending on your status as an ascending or descending mortal — on who is learning or one who has volunteered to be a student/teacher in this life prior to incarnation.

Our reality may seem complex, and it is, yet the activity to create it is very simple. In that simplicity is a panoply of possibility driven by individual activity, first, acquiescing to the ‘nothingness’ (accessible unqualified pure energy) within each of us and aligning with the natural flow of one’s attention, intention and interaction toward becoming and Being. I wrote a book called The God Participle to illustrate that point. In our Being, we emerge unscathed by past trauma or future fears. It’s what’s been called, ‘in the moment,’ or ‘the precious present.’

Leading and Learning Something Different

I want to refer to a statement I made earlier, “I learned to just go slow, enjoy the flow and let activities and engagements be determined by the synchronicity of their arrival.” That notion provided the ultimate experience for me in the last half-decade, beginning with meeting and marrying my ‘twin-flame,’ a Russian by birth, who weathered her own storm and knew there was more. A conservatory trained pianist and pedagogue, as well as Kundalini yoga teacher, she had an understanding of energy, music and vibration; a perfect complement.

Zen Benefiel

Vulnerable and radically curious toward harmony among people and planet. Co-Executive Director of Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement and Foundation.